iCaptive is a complete advanced web service offering all the software applications needed to set up and manage Digital Signage networks in an user friendly, secured & cost-effective environment. iCaptive is also offered as a SaaS business model and helps reducing the upfront investment on a software solution and eliminates the need of running a dedicated IT infrastructure. iCaptive offers a friendly, full-featured user interface, facilitating the design of fully customizable screen layouts and also the scheduling of all major types of standard media content as well as dynamic data driven by external sources like RSS/XML.

iCaptive will entertain, educate all those who are either in a waiting state to get served or are in a relaxed state of mind & hence more attentive to what is being narrow-casted on the screen. The system is a win-win solution for all the involved parties (Site Owners, Advertisers and Audiences).

For more details please visit www.icaptive.in