Our Products

IMAGENE an organization with open culture, exciting work environment and novelty oriented.


iCaptive is a complete advanced web service offering all the software applications needed to set up and manage Digital Signage networks in an user friendly, secured & cost-effective environment. iCaptive is also offered as a SaaS business model and helps reducing the upfront investment on a software solution and eliminates the need of running a dedicated IT infrastructure.
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iRIS is a Resource Information & Billing Management System.

As it is rightly said Time is money and in today's competitive business world, every second counts and is valued in money. Tracking all your business activities accurately (i.e. time vs business output) is the need to run a profitable business.
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iComm is a mass communication tool.

Proactive communication with your contacts is very vital to keep your presence in competitiveness in this fast pace world.
IMAGENE has two solutions for your business to communicate promptly, quick and effectively.
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iContact is a Contact Management product to organize your Customer Relationship Management, calendar needs, easier than ever before and save your valuable time doing it. An effective organization of your contact data allows you establish better relationships with your customers and prospects.
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